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Internal Projects

STA Digital continues their internal education and growth process by conceiving and developing their own entrepreneurial digital properties. These experiences keep them engaged in the real-world, applying new trends to benefit their clients.

WebSmart TV

One of STA Digital’s earliest web properties, WebSmart TV provides average business people with solid information about web topics in short, one-minute videos. The videos are produced in-house using pro-sumer equipment by STA Digital team members. They are delivered in a video blog format (vlog) using the WordPress CMS, with video content syndicated through YouTube. The vlog posting and video on the topic “What is WordPress?” has received over 120,000 views, and their “What is Adobe CQ?” video produces many new business inquiries and leads.

WebSmart TV

Funny Signs

Developing content driven websites on topics that people search on everyday, has been a digital strategy idea STA Digital has pitched to a number of clients. There is a strategic opportunity when the client is in a unique position to deliver expert content on a given topic. is an example of such a site. Keyword research revealed that hundreds of people search for “funny signs” in search engines every day. Based on this research, the site was conceived and designed as a place to categorize, label and present funny signs in a user-friendly manner, with plenty of built-in tools to enable and encourage sharing. By doing this well, people searching for “funny signs” discover the site has earned #1 organic search engine results. As they share and comment, over time the site has earned tens of thousands of inbound links. Today the site requires very little maintenance or management, receives over 20,000 visitors per month, generates Google Adsense revenues and has a strong Facebook and Pinterest following.

Funny Signs

BeeSource is the worlds largest online community and discussion forum for beekeepers and beekeeping support businesses and organizations. Beesource currently has over 20,000 registered members, hundreds of users online and active at any given time, as well as an active Facebook community. STA Digital has partnered with Beesource to handle all technology and hosting as well as improvements to content strategy, interface design and the user experience. The site generates healthy revenues though Google Adsense advertising and sales of display ads to sponsoring businesses and organizations.


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