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Caris is a non-profit organization headquartered in Chicago that helps women thrive during and after an unexpected pregnancy. They have 3 Chicagoland care center locations, but most often they initially connect with their clients through their website at

STA Digital has provided digital strategy direction and implementation services to Caris over the past year. In our initial assessment, it became clear that the Caris website was not serving their clients and supporters effectively, and that a lack of analytic based goals and KPIs made it nearly impossible to reach realistic conclusions based upon website analytic data. With these factors in mind, the decision was made to rebuild a new measurable website from the ground up.

The New

The main goals of this redesign effort were to:

  • Upgrade the user experience of the website
  • Improve the conversion rate of the target audience
  • Increase web and search referral traffic

STA Digital collaborated with another Caris vendor, Luminate Marketing to execute on these goals. Our collaborative results exceeded the project goals by:

  • Following a detailed wireframing process that focused on the desktop and mobile experience, as well as strategic call-to-action messaging (see image below).
  • Developing an improved visual user interface, built using a custom WordPress theme that provides agility and flexibility for future changes and website enhancements.
  • Designing an excellent mobile experience. STA Digital discovered that over 50% of site visits were on mobile or tablet devices, making this a high priority.
  • Creating a content strategy that would improve the user experience and aid in growing organic traffic.

Using the refined messaging, business direction and content strategy, STA Digital launched a new Google AdWords PPC campaign for Caris. We defined and created detailed event tracking and conversion goals that allowed Caris to easily and objectively monitor the data and progress of the new website. Using the data from these reports and the new WordPress framework, Caris is now able to make intelligent, incremental and iterative change/upgrade decisions to the site over time.

Experience Design Process

User Experience Process

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