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Disney Consumer Products


Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is the business segment of The Walt Disney Company that is responsible for the manufacturing and delivery of innovative and engaging Disney branded product experiences into the marketplace. The Clean Agency is a California-based sustainability consulting firm specializing in life cycle assessments.


Based upon our experience working with McDonald’s Corporation sustainability and supply chain business units, STA Digital was contracted by Clean Agency to design and develop a web-based sustainable packaging scoring system for Disney’s line of toy products as a part of their corporate SmartPackaging Initiative (SPI).

  • Disney SmartPackaging Initiative

    The goal of Disney’s Smart Packaging Initiative was to improve the environmental performance of their toy packages in ways that are measurable, visible and enhance on-shelf performance. This goal aligned well with STA Digital’s expertise in designing and building measurable business performance driven web solutions. The purpose of the SPI web application is to score toy packaging on a scale of 0-100 through a custom-built scorecard based on the following four indicators:

    • Cube Utilization
    • Carbon Footprint
    • Materials Health
    • Waste to Landfill

    The main users of the web application are DCP licensee packaging designers and engineers, seeking toy packaging design approval. The user fills out a series of questions regarding each package to receive a score based on the 4 indicators. Based upon each package score, the web application also provides dynamic sustainable design guidance to the user. The package scores are normalized so that each toy category has a specific industry norm score range that the user must aim to meet.

    Each toy package is a new project within the SPI system. The user also has the ability to create multiples scenarios of any given project in order to gauge the environmental performance of different versions the same packaging.

    STA Digital worked closely with Clean Agency environmental science experts from the University of Southern California (USC) to implement the calculations and proprietary algorithms for the scoring system. This was accomplished through creative front end experience design using CSS, Javascript and Ajax, and building the mathematical logic and underlying application within the CakePHP framework for hosting within a standard LAMP server environment.

    The SPI web application features include:

    • Multiple accounts and user logins
    • Save personal packaging favorites
    • Saves current state of each product entry for continuation at a later time
    • Options to enter multiple materials by percentages for each component
    • Internal calculator
    • Administrative capacity to export data to Excel spreadsheet format
    • Administrative capabilities to create charts, graphs and other visual presentation tools

    The application has undergone several phases of upgrades and features enhancements since it was first completed and used by DCP vendors in 2010.