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Hyatt Corporation


In 2010, the Hyatt Corporation adopted the Adobe CQ (formerly Day Software) enterprise web content management system to manage their growing number of global enterprise properties. Based upon STA Digital’s experience with the McDonald’s Corporation, Hyatt contracted us to design and produce several mini-sites in Adobe CQ, hosted in the Amazon Cloud, demonstrating the creative flexibility and technical capability of the new platform.

  • Hyatt Regency New Orleans

    When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, the Hyatt Regency New Orleans hotel was destroyed and rendered unusable. Hyatt saw this catastrophe as an opportunity to rebuild the facility into the largest convention space in New Orleans.

    Hyatt engaged STA Digital to design and develop a mini-site to communicate the renovation project’s progress and to pre-sell the facility for large conventions and trade show events. This content managed solution enabled on-site Hyatt content authors to keep the site content fresh during construction, attracting new business before completion and accomplishing key business goals.

    Visit the site.

  • Hyatt Premier Restaurants

    Initially, two premiere restaurant properties were selected by Hyatt as being good candidates for mini-sites built in Adobe CQ. These were both single location restaurants being converted to national brands with multiple locations. The idea was to showcase how two radically different interface designs could run off of the same underlying technology, feature set, and component foundation. STA Digital leveraged the extensive capabilities of Adobe CQ5 to enable Hyatt to manage and maintain these branded property sites as they added new locations over time.

    Shor Grill Restaurant

    Shor Grill is an American seafood grill that melds the best regional seafood with preparation methods that highlight the beauty of simple, fresh ingredients. It is a premier restaurant featured in Hyatt Hotels’ Curaçao, Key West, Clearwater and Waikiki locations.


    TusCA Ristorante

    The second Hyatt premier restaurant is called TusCA Ristorante and is featured in the Monterey, Orange County, and Santa Clara, California Hyatt Hotel properties. It features traditional and new Italian-American dishes and recipes.


    Content Management System

    Both premiere restaurant mini-sites were designed and built by STA Digital, using the Adobe CQ content management platform. This platform delivers an optimized experience for each restaurant content author while keeping the site maintenance costs in check by using components that are shared across the entire Hyatt content environment. For example, the tabbed menu component featured on these websites allows each individual restaurant content author to easily update their specific local menus, without needing a separate custom component for each site. All Hyatt sites can use the features of this single shared component.