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McDonald’s Corporation


STA Digital has provided digital strategy, experience design and production services on a wide range of projects for public and private McDonald’s website projects, designed and developed in the Adobe CQ enterprise web content management system. Our approach has enabled McDonald’s to communicate their brand story internally and externally in ways that enhanced the user experience and provide more effective communication of corporate business and brand story messages to targeted audiences.


    In 2008 McDonald’s Corporation Global Web Communications team contracted with STA Digital to obtain advice on how best to reach key target audiences including: investors, news media, franchisers, corporate career seekers, sustainability interest groups, and parents and students. At that time, information offered to these audiences was unorganized and buried within the existing promotion-focused website. By not addressing these key audiences with tailored content, McDonald’s was allowing others to tell their brand story more effectively, and frustrating brand supporters who genuinely desired to support and extend the brand. The outcome of this initial consulting engagement was McDonald’s top leadership agreement with STA Digital’s recommendation to build a separate website designed to better communicate to these key audiences.

    The resulting project given to STA Digital was to design and build a new public corporate communications website at The project was developed in Adobe CQ, took 9 months to complete and launched in 2009 on time and on budget. The site serves approximately 100,000 unique visitors per month who now have more efficient ways to find the specific information they are seeking, and give McDonald’s a better platform to share their own brand story.

  • AccessMCD

    AccessMCD is McDonald’s worldwide employee intranet serving 200,000 employees daily. Based upon the success of, and STA Digital’s familiarity and expertise with the Adobe CQ (formerly Day Software) content management platform, STA Digital was asked to start assisting and training internal MCD business units regarding their AccessMCD websites.

    Since 2009, STA Digital has provided content strategy, migration from CQ4 to CQ5, formatting and author training services to more than 20 MCD business units including: Global Legal, Restaurant Solutions Group, Creative Services, Global Marketing, Global System Communications, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability.

    In this role STA Digital routinely interfaced with IT, business unit leadership, and subject matter experts to help establish new AccessMCD site architectures, content curation and strategies. Their work has included global sites with content in English, French-Canadian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and German.