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Patrick Richards of Richards Patent Law is a leading Chicago based attorney who specializes in patent law and intellectual property law. Patrick was referred to STA Digital in 2009 after leaving a large Chicago law firm and establishing his own law practice. Richards Patent Law is now located in the Willis (Sears) Tower and handles intellectual property issues, patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets for a wide range of global clients.

  • Project History

    Patrick initially partnered with STA Digital in 2009 to develop a search-focused digital strategy designed to generate leads from organic Google search referrals. By implementing structural site changes and writing compelling relevant content, Patrick has steadily increased his Internet leads since 2009. The site now maintains a top 3 organic search result ranking on nearly every keyword combination of Chicago + patent + attorney + lawyer + law. This strategy has powered steady growth for the law firm over the past 4 years.

    Phase 1

    Initially STA Digital provided Patrick with information and education in search engine optimization based upon Google’s published Search Engine Optimization documentation. The result of this collaboration was a rebuilding of the RPL website in the WordPress content management system, and the implementation of a digital content strategy designed to earn top search engine rankings on “patent law” and related search terms. The digital web strategy fueled the law firm’s growth in 2010 and 2011.

    Phase 2

    In mid 2011, STA Digital was engaged again in a project to redesign and enhance the website, taking it to a new level of professionalism in message, presentation and content. Additional SEO upgrades and strategies were planned and implemented. Pulitzer prize-winning professional Chicago photographer Alexander Garcia was engaged to provide enhanced visual images and videos for the website. The redesigned site was launched in February of 2012.

    Natural Search Engine Ranking Results

    Today Richards Patent Law appears consistently in the top 5 search results for “patent law” related search terms in Google. It receives search engine referral traffic worldwide from countries including: United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, China, Japan, Philippines, Germany and Spain. In addition, the site performs with the following specific results as of October 28, 2014:

    • patent attorney chicago = #1
    • patent law chicago = #1
    • patent lawyer chicago = #1
    • patent attorney = #2
    • patent law firm chicago = #3
    • patent lawyer = #4

    Amazing Organic Site Traffic Growth

    rpl-graph-2-smallBefore STA Digital was engaged in 2009, the first RPL home-made website was generating an average of 4 unique visitors per day according to Google Analytics. In the first year following the implementation of our Phase 1 strategy recommendations, the site traffic increased to 18 avg. unique visitors per day. In the following year, additional content and SEO strategies were implemented resulting in site growth to 31 unique visitors per day. Since the launch of the Phase 2 redesigned and reorganized site in February of 2012, the site is generating 65 unique visitors per day. Currently over 78% of the site traffic is generated from organic search referrals. Richards Patent Law does not spend anything on Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adwords advertising, but rather has invested in organic search performance which has produced the highest ROI.