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Scholle IPN LogoScholle IPN is a leading global bag-in-box packaging and packaging equipment manufacturer dedicated to making customer products safe and accessible while minimizing waste and extending shelf life. Scholle IPN addresses many steps in the packaging manufacturing process including: film extrusion, injection molding, equipment engineering and bag- and pouch-making. Scholle IPN’s engineering teams apply their expertise and passion for packaging to work to deliver a solution that is 100% right.

  • Project Background

    Due to a new combination of US based Scholle Packaging, Inc. with the Dutch company IPN Equipment BV, STA Digital was engaged to create a new Scholle IPN website ( to communicate with global customers and prospects the unique service and product offerings of the new firm. This is the third website STA Digital has created for Scholle over the past 8 years.

    The creative combination of content strategy and user experience is designed to win the website higher organic performance in Google on search terms related to bag-in-box packaging and packaging equipment manufacturing, one of the business goals of the project. The other main goal of this project was creating a new and intelligent mobile website that created a seamless user experience for both mobile and tablet users.

    Digital Strategy & Planning

    The initial discovery digital strategy and planning phase included:

    • An audit of the existing Scholle and IPN websites, past traffic trends and technology platforms.
    • Information gathering about the newly combined business entity, its promotional activities and target audiences.
    • Competitive analysis in the packaging, equipment and bag-in-box market segments.
    • Research on current search engine rankings and possible keywords and phrases to target for future organic growth.
    • A content strategy that lead to an updated site information architecture and content outline.
    • Detailed technical functional requirements and website template documentation.
    • Develop a product strategy that allowed the users to easily find and filter the specific packaging products they were interested in.

    User Experience (UX) Design

    Once the digital strategy was finalized, it informed the guidelines, goals and plans used to drive the creation of the new user experience. This process included:

    • Creation of detailed wireframes based on the approved site templates.
    • Technical requirements and content strategy goals that clearly defined the page structure, navigation, content organization and site features.
    • A “mobile first” user experience that was also thoughtfully designed for desktop users.

    Development and Production

    Once the new user interface was created and finalized, we moved into the development phase which included:

    • Front-end development: Converting the design into the WordPress CMS.
    • Back-end WordPress development to meet functional requirements.
    • Setting up all KPI’s (key performance indicators) and measurable goals in Google Analytics to ensure the business goals could be objectively measured.
    • Testing, QA and launch of the new mobile responsive website.

    The Business Results

    This engagement produced a new and improved Scholle IPN brand experience to be communicated across all forms of digital channels and devices. The site can be used as an enhanced business tool and as a resource for global customers and sales prospects. The ability for Scholle IPN to monitor and measure their business goals (using Google Analytics) will be valuable for making ongoing decisions on ways to improve the customer experience and attract new customers. The next phase of the website will be to add e-commerce and ordering capabilities.