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What is Content Management?

As a key part of a digital strategy, STA Digital provides a centralized content management strategy that builds on and enhances our customers’ brand. We offer experienced advice on selecting the platform that best fulfills their website needs and business goals.


There are two equally important aspects of content strategy; content creation and content management. Content creation centers on making smart choices about copy development, blogging strategies, video production and attention-grabbing visuals such as infographics or charts. Content management includes making strategic choices around the selection of a content management system, digital asset management system, content maintenance workflows and connecting to disparate back-end systems.

Why is Content Management Important?

Internal communications, branding material, imagery, marketing copy and videos are all examples of the types of content that companies develop and archive on a daily basis. Managing this content is a process that extends beyond the digital space. Valuable content can be lost, forgotten, or even accidentally destroyed. STA Digital works with companies to develop and implement efficient solutions to archive, organize and retrieve your content for both internal communications and external publishing to the web.

Our Approach to Content Management

STA Digital works with companies to understand what their content is, how it benefits internal communications and processes, and how it can be harnessed for customer education and external marketing purposes. We have worked with Fortune 100 companies to rethink their internal communications and intranets, as well as small businesses who wish to harness the marketing potential of providing an effective public knowledge base on a given topic.

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Adobe CQ

Adobe CQ LogoAdobe CQ is a leading enterprise web content management (WCM) system using open source standards and technologies targeted at large enterprises and organizations. The product was originally called Communique, or “CQ” for short, when it was created by Day Software. Adobe purchased Day in 2010 and the current version is Adobe CQ5.X. A successful Adobe CQ implementation starts with an intelligent digital strategy. STA Digital leads Adobe CQ customers through a process to sort through the myriad of options, and refine their best path toward achieving their business or organizational goals.


SDL Tridion

SDL Tridion LogoSDL Tridion is an enterprise web content management system that is developed by UK-based SDL International. SDL states that the CMS “…is our enterprise-ready platform that enables marketers to meet the goals of their marketing strategy. On top of our highly-acclaimed web content management platform, we offer an even richer digital-marketing solution”. Its goal is to offer an integrated approach to brand management, multi-channel engagement, audience targeting and global web content management.

SDL Tridion enables users to manage global web sites, multi-site updates, brands, targeted marketing, sales, and support across multiple channels of delivery. One of its key strengths is its powerful language and eCommerce features. SDL Tridion provides users with language translation as well as management of international currency exchange rates, taxes, and more. These are incredibly complex features, and with SDL Tridion, they come right out of the box.


ExpressionEngine LogoExpressionEngine, or “EE”, is a web publishing system for web professionals provided by EllisLab. It is a very flexible content management system much like WordPress, Drupal and others with the slight difference that there is a license fee for its use. Even so, EllisLab provides the source code for the product completely editable and un-compiled. Web developers and designers can edit and customize the source code as long as they don’t resell it. STA Digital recommends and uses this CMS when a site is larger and too complex for WordPress to handle and when there is a need for multiple layers of permission-based administrative access as well as website user accounts.


WordPress LogoWordPress is the worlds most used open source content management system. It is used by thousands of companies and individuals for simple personal blogs to advanced multimedia websites. There is an extensive global community of designers and developers creating plugins, themes and widgets to make the WordPress CMS one of the most versatile options available. STA Digital has years of experience creating custom websites using the WordPress CMS, including design, programming and custom WordPress development. While many clients’ needs demand more advanced technologies like ExpressionEngine or Adobe CQ, WordPress has proved to be a powerful, flexible and secure solution for the greatest number of individuals, corporations and organizations.

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