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What is a Digital Strategy?

A digital strategy is a framework to define, execute, measure, manage, and grow a company’s digital efforts, to meet the current and future expectations of its customers. Practically speaking, a digital strategy provides a plan to consistently execute a company’s online efforts including web design and development, search and social media strategies, and analytics.

Why Do You Need a Digital Strategy?

Customers are much like Internet platforms; they both have expectations for consistency and both reward consistent online efforts. For example, customers assume a given company’s social media presence to align with outbound communications from the company blog. In addition, search engines pay attention to how much traction a blog post is getting on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and will adjust a search result to match new trends. Because the expectations of customers and Internet platforms have become so interconnected, having a comprehensive digital strategy in place provides a company with guidelines and best practices that align their digital efforts across all communications channels for the greatest possible success.

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Our Approach to Digital Strategy

The STA Digital approach starts by assessing our customers’ business objectives while being sensitive to their available resources. For example, a blog may be identified as a key element of a more effective digital strategy, but a company may not have the resources to properly write, manage, and interact with it. STA Digital understands these real-world constraints and will research and deliver realistic, phased approaches to implement each customer’s digital strategy. From the outset, methods to measure and analyze the business goals are set in place so that once executed, the success of the engagement can be objectively measured. These measurements provide the necessary data points that enable our customers to accurately assess their return on investment and to proceed with future communication initiatives in greater confidence.

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