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Online Advertising

Advertising online continues to evolve  with improvements in technology and tracking methods. Promoting your product or service online has extended beyond simple banner ads and moved into targeting users based on browsing behavior, social recommendations, and their geographic location. Analytics can be tied into every advertising campaign

Why Online Advertising is Important

Whether launching a new digital campaign or promoting an existing one, having advertising campaigns is crucial to the success of your idea. It’s easier than ever before for well executed ideas to spread virally, and organically on their own, but having an advertising strategy helps reduce the risk of failure. Advertising is a key part to giving ideas an initial boost, and can also provide residual value over a longer period of time if an effective campaign can be created and managed.

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Our Approach

STA Digital will work with you to determine the most effective advertising channels to promote your unique product or service. A large part of this effort will be an exhaustive layer of analytics to objectively measure, manage and re-assess the success of all advertising campaigns. Conclusions reached through advertising analytics will inform future business decisions for overall ad-spend and ad effectiveness. STA Digital believes that everything can be measured, and our goal is to prove an advertising campaign’s effectiveness with real data.

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