Strong, transformational digital strategies must be integrated throughout a project process and not merely “tacked on” at the end. It’s important to start any digital strategy and web project with specific goals and key performance indicators in place to measure success. STA Digital believes business and branding goals should be measured wherever possible. It is this objective data that will ultimately prove the success of a digital effort and become an important aspect of creating, growing and re-investing in the digital space.

Why is Measurement Important?

Objectively proving the success of a digital strategy helps companies make a business case to re-invest in the Internet. Analytics extends beyond tracking contact form submissions and can be used to measure the success of design, navigational systems, call to action placement, and imagery.

Analytic Measurement & Reporting

Our Approach

STA Digital works with customers to define business goals and objectives prior to developing a digital strategy or implementing new digital efforts. These business goals are integrated with a client’s web presence, adding a layer of analytics to measure and gauge success. Conclusions are then made from analytics, which informs future changes and improvements to a client’s web presence. This cycle then repeats as we continue to improve conversion ratios from the defined and measured calls to action.

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