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Social media has come to mean quite a number of things in the marketplace today, and at STA Digital we help our clients investigate, develop, integrate, and launch various social media efforts. Many organizations spin their wheels by chasing after the newest shiny objects without any real strategy in place. While Facebook and Twitter have their strengths, we like to push well past shallow “post-about-everything-we-do” methods and actually use social media as a tool for engaging real people. Looking first at a client’s overall web presence, search strategies, marketing goals, and key audiences, STA Digital provides excellence in comprehensive social media consulting and implementation.

Why a Social Media Strategy is Important

Social media extends beyond the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The term social media includes all online conversation mediums including forums, chat, blog engagement, and even the digital implications of traditional word of mouth. A social media strategy is needed to properly harness the value of positive and negative conversation about your company, driving traffic and viral potential to your website and other digital efforts. When is it best to engage in a conversation with a customer? When should you ignore? Should we be involved with Pinterest? How often should we tweet? These are common questions STA Digital answers when advising clients on their social media strategy.

Our Approach to Social Media

When a client comes to us for a social media strategy, an engagement often starts with cultural change within an organization. The culture within an organization has to embrace online conversation with customers before a social media strategy can work. We encourage clients to adopt an attitude of engaging and empowering customers as opposed to silencing customers. Customers, both happy and upset with you, can be your best ambassadors online when properly empowered.

One of the best ways to execute this is with fine tuned involvement with social media rather than a shotgun approach. Not every business needs to use Twitter or Pinterest. Maybe Linkedin and Google+ are the only channels that makes sense for your organization? Social media is one aspect of STA Digital’s holistic approach to digital strategy and its importance continues to increase as social media becomes more intertwined with client conversion, SEO and content creation.

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