Does Digital Strategy Really Work?

rpl-home-300x252Patrick Richards was introduced to STA Digital (formerly Headstand Media) by a mutual work acquaintance in 2009. He had recently left a large law firm and was in the process of pursuing a patent law career on his own. He had a simple website that he had built primarily by himself. What he was interested in learning from us was how he could improve the performance of his site in Google’s search engine to generate more traffic to his site, resulting in more inquiries, resulting in paying clients, resulting in a growing business!

These early 2009 conversations lead to Patrick hiring STA Digital to repurpose his static HTML site into WordPress, adding features that allowed him to add, edit and delete content, and implement a website content strategy that we educated him about and described for him to follow. This he did, and did very well. He treated us like a valued business partner, calling and emailing questions and ideas in a free flowing collaborative manner.

Digital Strategy Results

rpl-graph-1-300x203The results in that first year were amazing. By 2010 his site traffic had more than tripled, and many of those unique visitors made an inquiry, which lead to a new client relationship, which grew his practice. After making additional changes and implementing even more fine tuned strategies that we suggested, in the following year the site traffic almost doubled with similar conversion to new business.

In 2011, STA Digital launched a second generation website design with more fine tuned adjustments and changes to the site search strategy. Included in the new strategy are client testimonials and videos, syndicated on YouTube, giving Richards Patent Law a presence in this important content channel. The user experience for the site visitor has been greatly enhanced with upgraded professional photography by an award-winning Chicago Tribune photographer, and a cleaner and easier to understand navigation system.

Google Search Results

Keyword Phrases and Google Search Results as of the date of this post:

  • Chicago Patent Law = #1
  • Chicago Patent Lawyer = #1
  • Chicago Patent Lawyers = #1
  • Chicago Patent Attorney = #1
  • Chicago Patent Attorneys = #2

Depending on your location, Richards Patent Law will also be #1 for more generic terms like patent law, patent lawyer, and patent attorney.

The Big Question

Can a digital strategy really make a difference to a business or organization? The answer for Richards Patent Law is a resounding Yes! Can it make a difference for you? The answer is the same if the following key conditions are met:

  • An openness and commitment to educating oneself about the foundational principles communicated by Headstand Media.
  • A willingness to change internal culture and ways of thinking and doing business for the sake of growing your business or organization.
  • The wisdom and perseverance to invest time, resources and money in implementing the strategy and giving it a chance to work.
  • An experimental attitude that collaborates with Headstand Media to measure the data, interpret the results and make continual and gradual changes over an adequate and reasonable period of time.

Need help with your digital strategy?

If you’d like to learn more about how a targeted digital strategy can help you or your business, please contact STA Digital today. We’d love to talk to you.

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