DRF Launches New Website

drf-desktop-mobileSince 2004, DRF Trusted Property Solutions has been helping midwest customers find the right hot water and water quality solutions to meet their residential and commercial needs. They offer a full range of water heater solutions as well as plumbing and energy efficiency services for residential homes, multi-family buildings, medical facilities and commercial properties.

As DRF continued to expand and grow their business, they realized a strategic rethinking of their digital presence could play a significant role in the future growth of their company. After being introduced through several introductory meetings, DRF selected STA Digital as their business partner in helping them reach their business new customer lead generation and sales growth goals.

Business Goals

During the initial discovery and planning phase of this new partnership, the DRF and STA Digital team agreed upon the following business goals for the new drftps.com website:

  • To become online leaders in all offered solutions, with a focus on water heaters and tankless water heaters.
  • To increase organic traffic and improve lead generation with a focused effort on better sales conversions.
  • To define clear analytics goals and monitor them against page content and user behavior.
  • To increase content management efficiencies for the DRF marketing team.
  • To establish a new interface design that would meet mobile and tablet best practice standards.
  • To improve the overall DRF brand and customer user experience.


Based on these business goals, STA Digital has executed an online digital strategy customized for DRF by:

  • Outlining and defining content plans, marketing campaigns and business goals, as well as defining and agreeing on key performance indicators and how success would be measured.
  • Implementing a new local optimization strategy.
  • Introducing a “Live Chat” option to the website.
  • Executing a proper social channel optimization effort (Google Places, Yelp, Facebook, etc).
  • Better leveraging and integrating their high customer rankings across multiple external online social platforms.
  • Creating functional requirements outlining each aspect of the new website.
  • Performing user-centered UX design processes to develop wireframes and functional specifications.
  • Creating a new and improved content strategy and architecture.
  • Designing a new user interface that enhanced the DRF brand both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Developing the new website in the recommended CMS (WordPress).
  • Creating and managing online ad campaigns (Google AdWords).
  • Providing ongoing post-launch strategy and content support.


The new DRF website launched in April 2016. It has raised the bar on all of DRF branding and content communications, improving the user experience and access for those on mobile devices. Early trends show new sales lead generation on the rise and improved performance on localized searches.

The STA and DRF partnership will continue to monitor and improve the site content and performance over time as new data is generated from analytics and business monitoring tools.