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What is Experience Design?

User experience refers to any aspect of human interaction with a website, mobile application or other software product. Experience design is the art, practice and execution around a strategically designed user’s experience with a digital application or solution.

Why Experience Design Matters

Customer expectations with digital media grow more demanding every year. Regardless of how quickly technology and the marketplace change, much of a website’s success will hinge on these important questions: How did the user perceive the visit? Did they easily find what they were looking for? Was the site engaging and logically structured? Was the content trustworthy and compelling? The subconscious split-second answers to these questions reveal whether a site is worth revisiting, bookmarking or sharing.

Great experience design not only reinforces and promotes a brand, it is also a key part of building and growing a business online. A great product or compelling content without a thoughtful and strategic user experience may impede a company’s growth and ability to achieve its business goals. Key elements of experience design include: content architecture, creative design, video & animation, branding, and mobile responsiveness.

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Our Approach to Experience Design

STA Digital believes that good experience design should always exist in the service of good content. We work with customers to develop the unique combination of structure, content and user experience design that will accomplish their business goals in objective, measurable ways. Our creative designs are clean, flexible, scalable and efficient compositions that amplify our clients’ brands and engage users.

Experience Design Process

Strategies for Business

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