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STA Digital is passionate about providing strong brand identity and logo design for our clients. Yes, we have even been accused of being logo snobs. That’s okay, because we understand what a strong brand identity can accomplish for strong brand recognition.


Brand identity is the total outward expression of the company. Often, the first impression a customer has of a company is visually through the company’s name, logo, tagline, color palette, visual design, and voice. When all of these elements have been carefully designed and orchestrated, a company’s brand awareness and recognition among its prospects and customers increases dramatically.

Branding for the New Digital Era

Traditional aspects of branding will always be important, but in the current digital landscape, new realities must be considerations carefully as well. If a business is looking to create a new online product or service, the branding effort in a digital world includes such variables as available domain names, company or product name vs. available domain names, competitive search competition on key names and phrases, and the availability of URL names on various key social media platforms.

STA Digital has demonstrated a history of asking these critical questions of our clients and providing them with comprehensive advice when it comes to the traditional and non-traditional aspects of creating brands and identities.

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