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Content Architecture

Would you trust a builder to construct your home without the design guidance of an architect or the use of definitive blueprints? Your corporate website deserves no less. Before STA Digital designs and builds a website, the site content architecture is defined. This process starts by planning and organizing the site content into a tiered site architecture document. This document creates a hierarchical road map that logically and strategically organizes all the pages of the website.


The visual user experience design comes next: layout, organization and presentation of visual content. The approach and location of the navigation, header and footer, and the main content areas are considered carefully based on the defined architecture. From there the more nuanced decisions around the display and presentation of specialized content and unique functionality, like social media elements, video or animation, are finalized.

Why is Content Architecture Important?

It may be easy to understand why a site’s content architecture is a key early step for a successful website. But it’s important not just from a process perspective. The greater value of investing in a content architecture is that it defines the framework for the overall content strategy. It is the content strategy that will directly impact and inform the written content, search strategy, measures for success, and ultimately the usability of the website for each visitor.


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