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Creative Design

The creative design of a successful website emerges from the foundational hard work of first creating the strategic content architecture plan. Great content is not enough by itself. The creative design process ensures that a visually compelling, beautiful, user-friendly interface is created to engage and inspire each visitor. Great design thoughtfully weighs the balance between technology and art. Great user interfaces are the result of understanding the specific goals of every page, as well as the desired user interaction.

Our Approach to Creative Design

Our approach to creative design is a fusion of beauty, order, and functionality rendered as any form of digital media. We create visually appealing designs that are informed by a deep understanding of the client audience, harmony with current technologies and best practices, and a commitment to staying ahead of current design trends. Our designs are clean, flexible, and efficient compositions that amplify our clients’ brands and engage their users.

The mantra less is more carries special weight at STA Digital. We don’t believe in gratuitous use of gadgets and plug-ins, which are pervasive in today’s “web decorating” mindset. Instead, we seek to strengthen our clients’ brand stories through relevant, purposeful design that not only looks good but makes sense technically within the context of our clients’ needs. – View the case study

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