Over 17% of global web traffic in 2013 came from mobile devices. That’s higher than most people realize and that percentage is climbing higher every year. Given this reality in the current marketplace, thinking differently about connecting with prospects and customers through mobile technologies is more important than ever.

Our Approach to Mobile Design

STA Digital believes that a comprehensive digital strategy must include an intelligent and informed plan for mobile users. Many agencies still recommend creating separate mobile sites to augment a main website. In many cases this is an ineffective and unnecessary approach. This approach tends to increase the time, effort and cost of a project, and it violates Google’s guidelines and recommendations for optimum content delivery. Many companies do not understand this and often experience a decrease in the effectiveness of their main website when they launch a separate mobile site.

Alternatively, STA Digital recommends implementing responsive web design for almost any new website project. Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of mobile phones, tablets to desktop computer monitors, by enabling a single main website to change and respond to the device being used to view it. This approach provides Google with a single website and content source to index, but it also provides users with one site and experience not dependent on the device they are using.

Mobile Interface Design


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