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The Illinois State Board of Education is mandated by law to establish a system of grading and reporting on public school performance and report those findings to the public. This performance data has been collected for a number of years and made available on the Illinois State School Interactive Report Card website.

The New

In 2013, the Illinois Report Card website ( underwent a technology platform and feature upgrade. The IIRC engaged STA Digital to create a new user interface for this important tool that would connect with school administrators, taxpayers and parents.

After creating a clean, modern and user-friendly experience for the website, STA Digital converted the designs into HTML, CSS, Javascript templates, to be easily integrated into the existing development site by the IIRC development staff. STA Digital also provided 20 custom graphic icons to be used throughout the site, as well as a set of standard graph and chart styles used on various reporting screens.

“Illinois launched a new state school report card this year that is intended to make school information easily accessible by the general public. The graphics and design support provided by STA Digital were critical to creating a website that was fresh, interesting, and easily navigable by parents, community members, and educators.” – Brandon Williams, Illinois State Board of Education

Within the first week of launch, the new website recorded 50,000 unique visitors, as well as a good amount of press talking about the success of the effort.

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