Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore Launches New Website

WargamingChicagoBaltimore.comProject History

Recently, Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore became the latest addition to the Wargaming family, through the acquisition of Day 1 Studios – an independent game development firm well known for its creation of Microsoft’s MechAssault™ game series and its work on Warner Brother’s F.E.A.R.™ franchise. The new studio is made up of veteran game development teams in Chicago, IL and Baltimore, MD and plays a key role in Wargaming’s global, cross-platform game product development strategy.

Wargaming approached STA Digital to improve the website user experience and to update the content of their old website (wargamingwest.com). STA Digital recommended and built the new site within the WordPress content management system, designing and developing a new custom WordPress theme.

The New WargamingChicagoBaltimore.com

The main goal of this effort was to create a website that offers a more compelling experience to the target audience consisting of potential new game developer recruits. This goal was accomplished by:

  • The creation and use of compelling graphics and images
  • Giving visitors a better idea of what it would be like to work at Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore
  • Stronger call-to-action messages
  • Adding a blog that highlights different staff members, shows company experiences and events and gives a “slice of life” at the offices
  • Stronger integration with Wargaming’s other websites and social media channels
  • The ability to browse, search and apply for open job positions

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